At Horizon, we believe we're all patients.

Most of us have experienced illness in some way or another, whether through a family member, close friend or even ourselves. And from those experiences, we know that patients provide the most important perspective. They’re the ones who can tell us what it’s like to live with a rare, isolating disease or a highly-stigmatized condition that causes daily, life-altering pain.

Ultimately, their voices direct what we do as a company, from how we bring our medicines forward to the services we provide and the resources we support.

Bringing patient voices out into the open also helps other patients, as well as their caregivers realize they aren’t in this alone. There is an entire community there to support them with strength, comfort, understanding and resources.

Visit the sections below to explore some of the work we are doing to help elevate patient voices.


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CGD Connections®

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Listen to Your Eyes

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NMOSD Won't Stop Me

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UCD in Common®

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