Our Commitment to Responsible Pricing

For us, it’s personal. Led by CEO Tim Walbert, who lives with a rare disease and an autoimmune disease, many of us at Horizon know a patient, are patients or have been deeply moved to action through a patient story. This awareness reflects who we are and fuels every decision we make, from the medicines we develop to the communities we support. Our approach to responsible pricing is founded in our passion to make a meaningful difference and is built on the following commitments to you.

We come to work every day to deliver medicines that transform lives.

We focus on disease areas that have been overlooked or underserved, delivering advanced medicines that are making a meaningful difference for patients and their families, and in our own lives as well. We have delivered improved treatment options for multiple diseases, including, in some cases, the first medicine specifically designed for a rare disease affecting very few people. We make responsible decisions about pricing these medicines based on our investments in developing, manufacturing and supplying those medicines, as well as the impact they create for those who need them most.  

Our commitment to you: We carefully price our medicines to reflect their contribution to the patient, the physician, the health care system and society. 

We reduce barriers to deliver our medicines to people who can benefit from them.

We know financial barriers exist in the health care system, for both uninsured and insured patients, and this is particularly challenging for people with rare diseases. This is why we have dedicated substantial efforts to designing support programs that can help reduce these barriers and make sure more patients can receive these potentially life-changing medicines. With input from physicians, community leaders and patients, as well as our own personal experiences, we’re continually fine-tuning our support programs, including financial, educational and community services that families really need. We make health care a priority, not a privilege.  

Our commitment to you: We focus first on the needs of those individuals who rely on our medicines. The most important work we can do is to ensure our medicines can reach those who need them most. 

We continually work to multiply our impact.

We are proud of the impact that our medicines make and the many lives they have changed. We want to repeat this impact many times over by finding and delivering new medicines that can benefit many more people who otherwise have few or no options. In the process, our transformational efforts are accelerating scientific progress to propel new discoveries for the future. We also recognize that misdiagnoses and long journeys to the correct diagnosis are significant challenges experienced by many patients with rare diseases, so we are investing to accelerate proper diagnoses of the diseases for which we provide medicines.   

Our commitment to you: Learning from our experiences, we are purposefully focusing our energy and expertise to continue to research and introduce new medicines specifically to help patient populations who have few or no options today.

We are one part of a larger conversation on the value of medicines.

The complex issue of health care costs affects everyone and we are one of many voices working to improve this dynamic, particularly in rare disease and small patient populations. We are productively contributing to the dialogue on more sustainable solutions, raising ideas that could help reduce the financial burden on patients and families while ensuring our industry can continue to develop and deliver new therapeutics for generations to come. By working together as one aligned community, we can change the outlook for these diseases, improving how they are treated while reducing the burden on the families who live with them.  

Our commitment to you: We continue to be a voice for rare disease communities, guiding a meaningful conversation about their needs within complex health care systems and working to identify potential solutions for the future that will continually improve care while managing the burden of cost.