Our Strategy

At Horizon, our passion for bringing breakthrough medicines to more patients in need drives our partnering strategy. As one of the fastest growing biotechnology companies, our strong partnerships have enabled us to become a leader in rare diseases. With our strategic focus on building a balanced development pipeline and openness to transformative merger and acquisition opportunities, we’re actively looking for partnerships where we can achieve goals together.

Horizon 2020 10-K; Market data from Capital IQ as of September 30, 2020 compared to September 30, 2015; Enterprise value as of Feb. 24, 2021

Partner of Choice

The unique attributes we bring to the table make us a partner of choice.

Our seasoned commercial and medical leadership has extensive pharmaceutical brand experience. With over 600 field representatives covering nearly 214,000 unique physician specialists and 50 field-based medical directors, we have significant resources to support successful product launch and commercialization.

  • Expertise in market shaping and strategic brand positioning
  • Optimized go-to-market model for complex, multi-specialty therapies
  • High-touch, patient-centric model
  • Exceptional sales execution, including ability to recruit, retain and motivate talent

Through a proven track record and more than 200 combined years of development experience on more than 100 medicines spanning many therapeutic areas, we are able to agilely execute and deliver results:

  • Life cycle management expertise to drive patient benefit and competitive position
  • Innovative and agile development approach, especially when pathway may be unchartered

Our robust supply-chain management of more than 40 contract manufacturing organizations ensures global product quality, chemistry manufacturing and controls, supply and distribution through our virtual model.

  • Breadth of experience from controlled release oral dosage to complex biologics

Our Areas of Interest

Horizon seeks opportunities aimed at bolstering our clinical-stage pipeline through licensing, acquiring or partnering clinical-stage assets. Our team is currently evaluating opportunities with a focus on developing new and novel therapies in our core areas of focus:

Rare Disease





Within these areas of focus, we are seeking opportunities that present key characteristics:

  • Therapies that address a significant unmet need
  • Diseases with smaller patient populations
  • Medicines that provide an opportunity to add value through shaping the regulatory paradigm and commercial landscape

We are also open to exploring partnerships in other therapeutic areas of significant unmet need.

Our Collaborations

Our ability to successfully bring medicines to market has brought strong returns to our partners. Through early collaborations focused on commercial-stage opportunities, we’ve built a robust infrastructure that can be leveraged in current and future research and development endeavors. Our strong performance has created a solid financial platform that continues to provide resources for future investments in research and development.

Example Collaborations

EMEA collaboration for


HZN-007(Next-Gen Gout Program)

Gout Research


What Makes a Successful Collaboration?

Our team has completed eight transactions worth more than $3 billion over the last seven years. We are open to working with partners in various ways, to meet the objectives of both parties. Here are just some of the reasons to partner with us:

Significant executive

decision-making process

Collaborative and
flexible partnerships

Strong alliance

Win-win partnerships

Committed to the success of partnered assets

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Our experienced team is led by Andy Pasternak, executive vice president and chief strategy officer; Joe Whalen, senior vice president, business development and alliance management; and Mike Kelliher, vice president, business development. If you would like to submit partnering inquiries, please contact us at bd@horizontherapeutics.com.