A Company That Goes to Incredible Lengths

At Horizon, we believe science and compassion must work together to transform lives. Our mission to deliver medicines for rare, autoimmune and severe inflammatory diseases and provide compassionate support comes from our strong and simple philosophy to make a meaningful difference for patients and communities in need.

For Tim Walbert, It's Personal

Our story began long before Horizon was founded in 2008. In college, CEO Tim Walbert was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and 10 years later, after seeing more than 100 physicians, was diagnosed with a rare disease. Horizon is so much more than a business to Tim. It’s an investment in his future and the future of other people living with rare diseases. For him, Horizon is as personal as it gets.

Our Story is Powerful

Horizon started with a handful of employees and no office space. Though we've grown, our culture is no different today than it was when we started. Watch to learn more about the Horizon story.

Patients Fuel Our Scientific Courage

Many of us at Horizon know what it’s like to be a caregiver or a patient who faces a disease that isn’t widely understood. When only five percent of the 7,000 known rare disease have a treatment, we know we must think differently about research and development so we can deliver in new ways for the patients and communities we serve.

Giving Back

Our responsibility goes beyond our patient communities to the communities where we live and work.

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