Our Benefits

We provide our employees with a benefits program that is both comprehensive and competitive. Our award-winning benefits program is about providing not only top-notch health benefits, but a supportive, flexible work culture that includes paid parental leave, adoption assistance, a year-end shutdown and amenable working arrangements that cater to people’s lives.

The benefits listed on this page are primarily for U.S.-based employees. If you’re looking for a summary of benefits for our other locations, jump to the Benefits Outside the U.S. section.

Health Benefits

The well-being of communities starts with making sure that members of our very own community at Horizon get the affordable, high-quality health coverage they need.

Medical Insurance

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance

Accident Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Financial Benefits

At Horizon, the financial wellness of our employees is a top priority. To that end, one of our many unique benefits is that every employee of the company is a shareholder. In addition, Horizon offers a very generous Employee Share Purchase Program, providing the opportunity to purchase shares of Horizon at a 15 percent discount to market price.

Income Protection

Health Savings Accounts

Employee Share Purchase Program

Retirement Savings 401(k)

New Hire & Annual Equity

Legal & ID Theft Protection

Our Make It Personal Account can be used in a way that is important to each employee. Whether they choose to be reimbursed for fitness or education expenses, or for a donation to a cause that is meaningful to them, this account is dedicated to our employees and their continued well-being.

Educational Benefits

We value and encourage the continued growth and development of our employees and their families. To support educational goals, we offer several programs to help offset the financial burden of college expenses.

We offer support to employees attending an accredited education facility to improve their potential for growth within our organization.

A select number of large scholarship awards are given to employees pursuing a graduate degree. Each award is valued up to $25,000.

We offer 25 awards annually to support the academic excellence of the dependents of our employees, ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.

Family-Focused Benefits

Horizon strives to ensure that employees have support in all areas of their lives, at work and at home. We offer a number of benefits related to pregnancy and caregiving that fit every definition of family.

Adoption Surrogacy Assist


Caregiver Leave

Maven Family Planning

Pet Insurance

Our parental benefits policy offers paid time off for all parents, including mothers, fathers and adoptive parents, for the birth or adoption of a child. Birth mothers are eligible for up to 18 weeks of paid time off and all other parents are eligible for up to 10 weeks of paid time off. What sets our benefit apart is parental flex time, which allows the flexibility for each parent to design their leave in a way that works best for their family.

Time Off

Horizon knows the importance of providing enough time off to allow employees to enjoy time away from work. We offer a generous Time Off program that includes a unique “Make It Personal Day” that can be used to do something uniquely meaningful to each employee.

Paid Time Off

Company-Paid Holidays

Mid-Year and Year-End Shutdowns

Make It Personal Day

Benefits Outside the U.S.

The benefits we provide across our global offices include various support programs that keep you and your loved ones in mind when it comes to health, finances and personal goals.

European Benefits Summary

Canadian Benefits Summary

Workplace Flexibility

We know ideas that spark meaningful advancements can happen at any time, anywhere and come from any employee. That’s why we work hard to provide flexible ways for creative, productive collaboration to happen. Our modern, open work environments have plenty of spaces dedicated for just that. And for employees who work remotely, Horizon offers virtual tools that enable effective communication across the globe.

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